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"Kami" - Exploring My Community

I met Kami (Assistant Librarian) at the Switzer Library in Marietta, Georgia. I love taking my kids to the library every week and there are a lot of great activities and programs my boys love to attend. 

Anyways, when I met Kami, she was wearing the cutest plaid purple dress with Lavender Docs. I instantly knew that I had to ask her for a picture. I had just started painting  shoe's and was so inspired by the bright colors of purple and touches of lime green in her outfit. Two of my favorite colors. 

After the program I awkwardly and nervously introduced myself and then proceeded to explain that I'm an artist and the sole focus collection I had started. Luckily, she was on board and I was able to capture her outfit for reference.

I knew I took a risk asking for a picture of someone's shoe's I didn't know. I mean lets be real you can meet some really interesting people at the library. I didn't want to be known as the weirdo fetish lady or something crazy among the library staff. lol

I can't thank Kami enough for being so sweet and kind! My boys just love her and without her this painting wouldn't be possible. 

Lately, I've been focusing on color and texture. My favorite tool to use to add texture is Trekell's wipe out tool. I use this tool to sign my name, add texture and more details.

I am always looking for my next inspiration, so if you randomly get asked for a shoe picture, don't freak out! I'm just an artist. :)

Kami, 8x10, oil on canvas. 2024. $250

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AVAILABLE for purchase APRIL 6th. 

I’m diving deeper into my community and sharing their stories through still life shoe’s to prepare for my solo show next year in March at the Gallery Chimera in Atlanta..

Would love to know what you love about this painting!

Till next month,


btw, I am not paid for any of my shared products, I just want to share everything with ya'll.

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