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Self Portrait by Olivia Franklin

Four years ago tomorrow I became a mother to a beautiful little boy. This was when my life changed forever. Since that very time I have been wanting to express how it makes me feel to become a mother. 

One of the things I always strive to do with my work is document my life through self portraiture. When it came to painting another self portrait I wanted to share how it really felt when I became a mother. Sometimes I have so much emotion I feel like have turned into my heart. 

I am an oil painter focusing on self portraiture with anatomical symbolism. My current work tells my story of battling postpartum depression and anxiety, finding love and being a mother.

Ever since I gave birth to my first son Floyd I felt like I became my heart. The heart is a symbol for big emotions and so I've always felt like it was the best way to symbolize my own.  This picture is originally from a self portrait of myself after I started medication for my postpartum and I was finally starting to feel like myself.

Since I lived in a basement there wasn't always the best light so I would take my pictures in the stairway going upstairs, where there is big huge windows. 

The halos represent a moment of clarity. It is not only a religious symbol for me but also an empowering one. Dealing with mental health and postpartum I wanted to emphasize what truly matters. That we are not alone and like mother Mary we are strong.

I intend to explore more of these meaningful symbols in my work and how they relate to my life. Uncovering my pain and struggles is not easy but its liberating and healing. I hope that my art can do that for you as well. 

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