Revealing the feelings that reside within us

Art becomes a profound exploration of the human experience. Every stroke on the canvas is a testament to the inspiration drawn from life's trials and blessings.

Sole Focus

Despite our differences, we are all united by the shared experience of wearing shoes. They serve as a reminder that we are part of a larger community, bound together by our common humanity. So let us embrace the sole focus and celebrate the ways in which shoes bring us together.


The Silent language of the heart

From the bold and pulsating beats of a vibrant heart to the delicate interplay of shadows that signify the nuanced emotions we carry, these artworks invite you to a journey beyond the surface.


Darkness and joy, interwoven

Capturing the profound struggles, celebrating the resilience, and acknowledging the transformation of a mother navigating the shadows and rediscovering her light.


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Olivia Franklin

Join me on a journey as I share the trials and blessings of my everyday life through art.

Themes of motherhood, mental health, and love interweave through my work. Anatomical organs symbolize the depth of the human emotions. Discover the beauty of self-expression through captivating portraits and intricate anatomical organs, showcasing the inner outer self.