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Olivia Franklin Art

2020 Original Painting

2020 Original Painting

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This painting is inspired by the struggles faced by a friend during 2020, including the challenges of a pandemic and a traumatic experience. The deep, dark blue background represents sadness and despair, with a broken heart at the center. The lungs symbolize the physical pain of the pandemic, while the bruises represent the unseen wounds of the year's difficulties. The mask signifies fear and isolation, while the lone figure in the middle embodies loneliness and depression. The figure displays bruises from their abuser and a look of mistrust, reminding us of the hardships endured.


If you or anyone needs help please call the National Sexual Assault Hotline                     1-800-656-4673

size 8x10 oil on canvas. 

**Please note photos with frame are for reference only.

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