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Kami Original 8x10

Kami Original 8x10

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"My name is Kami Greene. I work in the children's department at a public library. I am an artist, collector, and eccentric. Wearing bright colors and loud accessories has always been important to me. The way I dress represents who I am and what my value's are. I am passionate about human rights for all, community support, and mutual aid. Being involved with my community makes me feel like I'm a part of something meaningful." -Kami

As part of my Sole Focus collection I am meeting and making new friends and painting their shoe’s. Shoe’s are not just a simple accessory; they can be a powerful symbol of connection and unity. From the moment we slip them on, they become an extension of ourselves, carrying us through life's journeys. When we take a step, we are joined by countless others who walk beside us in their own unique footwear. Despite our differences, we are all united by the shared experience of wearing shoes. They serve as a reminder that we are part of a larger community, bound together by our common humanity. So let us embrace the sole focus and celebrate the ways in which shoes bring us together.

To learn more about how Kami and I met go read my blog post Kami!

oil on canvas. 8x10. 2024.

*Black frame included.

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